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Cafe Scientifique Calender of Events

Cafe Scientifique is a place where, "anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Meetings take place in cafes, bars, restaurants and even theatres, but always outside a traditional academic context."

All the talks are at 8pm on Monday nights and the venue is the Basement of the Lord Roberts Pub, Broad Street.

16th Apr : Cyril and Roxanne Bennis - Palestine - Hope and Olive Trees
The speakers have participated in the last two Olive Tree Campaigns in the Bethlehem area of Palestine. This planting programme supports farmers who are at risk of having their lands confiscated under Israeli military occupation policies. The discussion is based on their personal experiences and impressions of life under the Israeli Occupation and the daily struggle this creates for Palestinians attempting to live with some semblance of dignity and human rights. .

30th Apr : Exploring some myths on animal testing
Our visitor is a religious minister and a long standing member of committees which regulate testing on animals. He would not call himself an ethicist, but an informed contributor who seeks by his contribution to both further science and lessen animal suffering.

14th May : Prof Elizabeth Stokoe - The Systematics of Social Interaction
Everything we do in our daily lives is accomplished through social interaction. Actions like questions, offers, assessments, or compliments are organised in ways that have important implications for understanding everything from complaining about a neighbour and assessing a classroom task, to saying no to offers of help and flirting with a potential new partner. In this talk, Professor Stokoe will present findings about the systematics of social interaction from her own work, drawing on audio and video-recordings from settings including student tutorials, romantic dating, police interrogations, and neighbour dispute mediation. She will show how she has developed these findings into practical applications in the world of communication skills training.

21st May : Dr Ines Varela-Silva - Take good care of your past because it will determine your future
The Developmental Origins of Health and Disease hypothesis (DOHaD) points to the idea that the incidence of certain adult diseases (for example, type-2 diabetes, stroke, and heart disease) are linked to development before birth. This means that the health of the mothers and grandmothers while they were growing-up, impacts the health of their children and grandchildren, even when environmental conditions change. In this session I will present results from our research with the Maya in the Yucatan, Mexico and with Maya migrants to the USA in order to emphasise the importance of the prenatal months and the first years of postnatal life as fundamental factors to guarantee a healthy adulthood.

28th May : Terry Kee - Phosphorus and the chemistry of life and death
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