NSB - The Best Bits

About 30 of the best posts from the Nottingham Science Blog, all brought together on one page. From Astronomy to Drug Development to Climate Change Science to Coal Mining, hope there is something that catches your interest!

Talk : Lecture : Dung Beetles and Drugs
Dr Helen West on Dung Beetles and their battle Against Drugs
Talk : Licence to Stun, the Physics of Less Lethal Weapons
David Wilkinson on how the UK authorities characterise and compare less-lethal weapons.
Talk : Nature's Chemical Warfare Agents
Dr Rob Stockman looks at the way in which chemicals originally used in warfare have found surprising uses in the medicine.
Mike's Bees
The story of Mike's first year of beekeeping.
Climate Change Science - A Very Short History
Scientists have been known that CO2 emissions were significant for over a hundred years....
Talk : From Soil to Supper
Dr Duncan Cameron gives and insight into the interactions between plants and the microbes that surround them in the soil.
Soyuz TMA-15M / ISS 42
Watching a manned mission to the ISS - what a ride!
Talk : Blue-Green Cities - Managing Urban Flood Risk
Strategies and examples of good practice for sustainable cities.
24hrs on an Anti Vaccine Facebook Page
Worried parents do not stand a chance in the misinformed echo chamber that is an anti-vaccine FB page

Talk : Sense about Science
Gave Squires notes on a talk by Leah Fitzsimmons on the "Ask for Evidence" campaign.

Pseudoscience on Social Media
Some examples of willfully misleading things that look like science, but aren't.

Great Central Railway 47292 and 8274
History of two trains from the Ruddington Heritage Centre.
Talk : Smart Materials
Dr Philip Breedon on emerging "smart" materials and how they are often based on structures in nature.
Talk : Breast Cancer - A Researcher's Perspective
Professor Stewart Martin from the School of Medicine talks about breast cancer research.Gav Squires was there to take these notes.
Lime Kilns in Derbyshire
Whilst having a walk along the Monsal Trail in Derbyshire NSB was gobsmacked to see huge concrete structures built into the hillsides....
Talk : Living on frack-tured Earth
Hazel Gibson on her research into the public perception of hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
Train manufacture in Derby
A partial histroy of train manufacture in Derby.
"Talk : Food Allergies: What Are They? Why Do We Have Them?"
Notes by Gav Squires on a talk by Dr Marcos Alcocer about Food Allergies
Talk : Things That Go Bang In The Night (Sky)
Julian Onions talk on types of stellar explosions, notes by Gav Squires
Talk : The Flavour of Food
Dr Ian Fisk talks on how flavour is affected by the combination, level and physical form of the ingredients used in foods
Wildlife,Cycling and Other Uplifting Stuff
A post with a variety of mostly feel-good outdoorsy type stuff

Pictures of the Sky
Basically a bunch of pictures of the sky!

Talk : The World in 10 Fossils
Dr Susie Lydon described a series of fossils that had been important in the evolution of life on earth.
Talk : Cochlea Ear Implants
Prof. Alan Palmer on how remarkable an organ the ear and the technology of cochlea implants and future developments in this area.
East Mids Mining History
A short history of coal mining in the region.

Mining Memories
Notes from "Memories of the Nottinghamshire Coalfields" by David Bell

Coal Mining in Nott'm
Map of coal mines that were located in Nottingham and the surrounding area

From the Tate Modern to Lanarkshire
The story of an iron girder in the Tate Modern where it came from
Apollo Programme Manuals
Various manuals from the Apollo Moonshot programme.
Interview with Prof Farouk El-Baz
Interview with Professor Farouk El-Baz on his time as geologist and astronaut trainer in the Apollo Programme.
Interview : Prof Alfonso Aragón-Salamanca
Covering topics as diverse as galaxy formation; what makes a good physicist; and the British sense of humour.
Interview : Chris Lintott and the Zooniverse
Covering topics including his first encounter with Partick Moore, tips for budding astronomers, the nature of dark matter, and how ordinary people can find the next Voorwerp.
A Short History of Radio Astronomy
Talk by Dr Haida Laing on the History of Radio Astronomy.
Interview : Eben Upton at Raspberry Pi
Interview with Raspberry Pi Trustee Eben Upton on Computer Science and what it has been like to develop the Raspberry Pi device.
What would the public want?
Presentation by NSB at the SciCom Conference at UoN.
Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Some planage for the aviation lovers out there.
Ben Nevis
Some notes about Ben Nevis.
Talk : Thinking outside the (pill) box): alternative drug delivery strategies
Notes by Gav Squires on a talk by Claire Sycamore on new developments in getting drugs delivered methods.

Other items
Talk : Nottingham's role in discovering the structure of DNA
Notes on a talk by Prof Harding on Nottingham's role in the discovery of the structure of DNA