Sunday, 27 May 2012

Three and a quarter inch floppies

NSB was reading a nostalgia-fest of an article on Scott Hanselmans blog entitled "The Floppy Disk Means Save And 14 Other Old People Icons That Dont Make Sense Anymore" which contained some gentle banter on how many icons used cumputer desktops refer to items that todays youngster have no experience of. Such as old style microphones, or 3.5inch floppies. NSB thought this was worth investigating further, so asked teenage No1 son (who professes to be interested in computers) what a 3.5inch floppy is.. . . No1Son : It's your version of a memory stick. NSB : And what's a 5.25inch floppy No1Son: It's a bigger version NSB : Who much memory did they have No1Son : They couldn't even hold one song

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