Saturday, 23 June 2012

Food under the microscope

NSB was recently lent one of those clever USB microscopes and has been fascinated by how the world looks "up close and personal".

To limber up, and get into the right frame of mind, it's perhaps worth starting by showing the level of magnifcation that the microscope can achieve.

low mag

high mag

So, with that warm up out of the way, lets get stuck into the main event...

Here's what fennel seeds look like when magnified.

low mag

high mag

And this is a black peppercorn...

Peppercorn low mag

Peppercorn high mag

... and ground blac pepper.

Ground black pepper - low mag

Ground black pepper - high Mag

A surprisingly glossy breadcrust...

Breadcrust - low mag

Breadcrust - high mag

A look at ketchup shows that, as a thin film, it looks clear...

Ketchup - low mag

Ketchup - high mag

And finally, here is a grain of ASDA "Choc-o-rice" breakfast cereal...
Choc-o-rice low mag

Choc-o-rice section

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