Friday, 29 June 2012

The garden under the microscope

NSB was recently lent one of those clever USB microscopes and has been fascinated by how the world looks "up close and personal".

To limber up, and get into the right frame of mind, it's perhaps worth starting by showing the level of magnifcation that the microscope can achieve.

low mag

high mag

So, with that warm up out of the way, lets get stuck into the main event...

Here's what some week red flowers when magnified.

Red flower cluster - low mag

Red Flower cluster - high mag

And this is the, surprisingly hairy, base of another small flower...

Hairy flower base

And, oh look !, a lovely pink rose petal...

Pink rose petal
Here is a feather.

Feather low

Feather high

A tiny bug on a leaf, invisible to the naked eye...

Tiny bug on leaf

The head of a woodlouse...

Woodlouse head - high mag

An unidentified insect...

Insect  -low mag

Insect  - High Mag

A different unidentifed insect...

Another Insect  - high mag

The head of an ant...

Ant - high mag

And the head of a spider...

Spider - high mag

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