Sunday, 10 June 2012

Info : EMICS - a calibrated gem in Radford

NSB has been surprised to find that, nestling in a small light industrial area in Radford, is a surprisingly high tech company called EMICS who provide calibration services to the likes of Siemens, Alcan and Lotus Cars (!!).

For the non-techy amongst you, it is perhaps worth explaining what "calibration" actually means.

Let us suppose that you are a company making square metal widgets that are 30mm in width.

You know that they are 30mm because you measure them with a micrometer.

But how do you know your micrometer is accurate?

Well, you might check your micrometer every year against a "master" item (such as a small, hard, smooth, block of metal that is 30mm thick).

But how do you know the "master" block is accurate? Maybe it has got coated in a layer of dirt, or has become worn, or deformed in some other way.

This is where you may involve a company such as EMICS. They can come and check your "master" item to ensure it is really 30mm thick.

But how do EMICS know that their equipment is accurate?

EMICS will have checked their equipment (possibly via intermediaries) against the "national standards" at the National Phyiscal Laboratory at Teddington, Middlesex.

Critically, the accuracy of measurement at each stage increases, as shown in the schematic below:

How the level of accuracy increass as you get closer to the national standard

You can read more about this process of ensuring that measurements made in industry is accurate at this helpful page at the NPL.

Looking at the list of cliets who work with EMICS shows that they are working with some of the big names of British Industry. In addition to those mentioned at the top of the page, EMICS are also provide services to companies as diverse as civil engineers Balfour Beatty, FMCG manufacturers Boots and high tech researchers Qinetiq.


EMICS helps ensure the Lotus Evora is a quality product

And the breadth of expertise avaialable at EMICS is impressive, with the company being able to calibrate electical, thermal, torque, pressure, dimensional, acoustic, flow, ultrasonic and optical measuring devices.

In addition, they provde final inspection services, for example to ensure that a large civil engineering component is the size and shape that it should be. One way of achieving this is to use Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), which can accurately check the dimensions of even very complicated components, EMICS have CMM facilities on site but can also provide CMM services at the customers location.

Radford, an area that should perhaps be better known as the calibration capital of Nottingham.

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Lotus Evora


  1. That is awesome. I definitely learned something new today. I did'nt really knew what calibration was until you explained it in here. It's pretty cool.

  2. Dear Randy, thanks for your kind words!