Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Science Show at Notts Uni

A chance conversation with a representative of urn1350, the radio station of the University of Nottingham, has resulted in NSB finding out about an interesting show that the station hosts.

In amongst the, presumably, phat tunez and peng soundz, the station also has some talk shows. And one of these is called "The Science Show", which interviews University researchers about their work.

The show has a blog, which has posts on some of the interviews, covering topics as diverse as Gravitational Lensing and Tissue Engineering.

And it also has a, frankly awesome, set of podcasts!

NSB is hugely heartened to see this show, which is a new feature for this year, on the air and wishes "The Science Show" team all the very best - and is certainly looking forward to some fresh (in the yoof sense) output from then in the autumn.

The Science Show Team, looking suitably dubstep . . .er. .  . daddio

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