Friday, 20 July 2012

Notts Uni Science Public Lecture Series

The University of Nottingham has just started its latest "Science Public Lecture Series" which has the following events scheduled for the next few months:

19th Jul: Prof Clive Roberts - Seeing the Nanoworld:New solutions for Healthcare
16th Aug: Dr Trevor Drage - Energy in a Carbon Constrained World.
20th Sep: Dr Robert Stockman - Nature's Chemical Warfare Agents : From Poison Arrows to Magic Bullets.
18th Oct: Dr Richard Alexander - Exoplanets : Hunting for Other Worlds
15th Nov: Dr Barry Lomax - Origins of Flowering Plants 13th Feb

All talks are in Lecture Theatre B1 in the Maths and Physics building at the main University of Nottingham campus. Free entry You can read reports from a number of previous lectures at the Event Reports tab on this blog.

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