Sunday, 11 May 2014

May Fest 2014 in Pictures (Part 2)

May Fest is the University of Nottingham's annual open day for the local community. It is an awesome event, with plenty to interest adults and children alike. Much like the Science Museum in London, there is simply so much stuff going on that you cannot see it all in the one day!

This, Part 2 (Part 1 here)of a report on the 2014 Mayfest, has a few picturesfrom the various talks that were held on the day...

The most poplar talk, buy far, is the "Thunder and Lightning" show held by the Chemistry department. It is very loud. Kids love it! (and there was some really entertaining patter from the presenters too!)

Bit of a queue forming for the legendary, and spectacular, Chemisty Lecture

The "Extreme Materials" talk about how materials can show extreme propeties looked good from the outset...

Always a good sign to see one of these at the start of a sciency talk...

... because there is a good chance that it will be needed !

Showing how a composite of glass and glue can be very strong indeed

Meanwhile, the Physics Department had a very well attended talk, passionately presented by Dave Farmer, that explained a little about electricity and magnetism, and included a (genuinely useful) analogy to the "Gauntlet" game in 1990s show "Gladiators" - and showing how electrical resistance in very cold materials is lower as the atoms will be vibrating less.

Big crowd at the Phyics lecture on electricity...

..which began with the handing out of balloons...

...yes, balloons. Which the audience rubbed on clothing
and then used to make peoples hair stand on end!

Dave moving easily through "Cold" (i.e. still) team members
(you can see him as a ghostly shadow between 2nd and 3rd person)

Lightning! That can play tunes!

May Fest 2015 - Bring it on!

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