Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PubhD in Nottingham

2014 has seen the arrival in Nottingham of the "PudhD" format of public speaking events.

The format is simple : The three PhD student speakers get 10mins each to talk about their subject area to an audience in a pub, with 20mins of Q&A afterwards. In return, they get a free drink!

You can find out more about the Nottingham events at

Winningly (and rather unusually for organisations that hold similar events) PubhD actually go to the trouble of writing a little summary of what the speakers said, so those (like NSB) who could not attend are able to get at least some of the benefit of the talks.

Links to the reviews are shown below, together with a few comments on the items that particuarly caught the attention of NSB.

[more shortly]

2nd Notingham Pubhd,
Featuring talks on Literature for Empathy, Cell Signalling in Roots and Simulations of Galaxy and Star Development.

NSB particularly noted the comments from Stephanie Smith (who talked about root signalling) about Norman Borlaug, the plant expert who developed high yield, disease resistant wheat varieties, and introduced them to Mexico, Pakistan, and India - dramatically increasing production.

And Julan Onions talk on the research into the the way the universe was created made NSB think of interview given by Prof Aragon-Salamanca on that same subject. (see also reports on related public talks/interviews by Dr Mark Wilkinson, Dr Haida Laing, Chris Lintott, Prof Aragon-Salamanca (again) , Chris Lintott(again) and Prof Farouk El-Baz).

1st Nottingham PubhD Event
With talks on Pompeii, Thin Film Sensors and Support Groups in Prisons.

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