Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A cool balancing trick...

Some time ago, NSB found out that it was possible to balance a coin and two forks on the edge of a glass in a way that appeared to defy gravity.It's very easy to do and a couple of pictures are shown below....

A coin and two forks balancing on the edge of a glass

Same trick from the side, spookeh no?

The secret is that it is all about the centre of balance. In the image below, the blue line marks where the coin touches the glass. For the coin to stay in balance all that has to happen is that the mass on one side of the line (marked in red) needs to match the mass on the other side of the line (marked in green). As can be seen, it is entirely possible that this is actually the case.

Its all about the centre of balance...

Still pretty spooky though, and managed to completely confuse some people who had disturbingly high academic qualifications.

A good explanation of the phenomena can also be found here.

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