Sunday, 7 December 2014

Soyuz TMA-15M / ISS 42

There I was, idly reading through the NSB Twitter feed when this startling message from @AnneGlover_EU scrolled up into view :

26mins to launch - quick, lets head over to NASA TV

And within a few minutes NSB was glued to the NASA video feed, watching the countdown, lift off, and journey into orbit of Soyuz TMA-15M, which was carrying the crew of the ISS 42 mission. It was a heck of a ride ! And, as NSB had never watched a launch all the way to orbit, utterly fascinating - just check out these screengrabs:

21.01: Launch of Soyuz TMA15M / ISS 42

21.01 23rd Nov

21.04 : On their way to orbit. Check out the "finger-longer" used to reach control panel, and the "G-meter" stuffed toy hanging on a string.

9.04pm 23rd Nov

21.05: Still on route to orbit. Check out the manuals on the far side!

21.05 23th Nov

02.10 : Soyuz reached orbit, astronauts in Zero G.

02.27 : After a couple of rendezvous burns to align with the ISS, this is the view of Soyuz from the ISS.

02.27 Nov24th

02.28 : 551m from ISS. View from Soyuz docking display.
02.28 Nov24th

02.31 : ISS now 327m away

02.31 Nov24th

02.34 : View from ISS

02.34 24th Nov

02.35 : Now just 214m away...

02.35 24th Nov

02.38 : The whole Soyuz display. Wow! Oh, and now 182m away.

02.38 24th Nov

02.41 : 75m away

2.41 24th Nov

02.42 : View from ISS, Sun is setting on Soyuz as it, and the ISS, pass to the dark side (of the earth, not the Force).

02.42 24th Nov

02.45 : Soyuz now very close, but earth in darkness.

02.45 24th Nov

02.45: 26m away....

02.45 24th Nov

02.47 :9m away!

02.47 24th Nov

02:49 was the final docking time, and hatch opening occurred at 05.00 on 24 November.

It wasn't long before the astronauts were Tweeting some awesome images, such as this one from Sam Cristoforetti (@astrosamantha)


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Image Sources NasaTV and Twitter

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