Friday, 13 March 2015

How Twitter made NSB curious about Penguin Knees...

So, there I was, idly scrolling through the NSB's Twitter feed, when this appeared, from @perspective_pic:

Within seconds, NSB was typing the following into a search engine :

But, despite some considerable searching, nowhere could NSB find answers to the question of how, if at all a penguins knees move.

But penguins are a form of bird, so inevitably, the next questions related to :

Which revealed that bird knees are also hidden within their bodies.

NSB noticed that this was a line of thought that was already well trodden, and that the issue of penguin's knees opened up a Pandora's Box of anatomical questions...

And at the end of this, NSB was left wondering "How could I not have known about all this stuff?"

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Bird Knees

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