Saturday, 30 January 2016

Useful plants in The Forest Recreation Park

Back in 2013, NSB took part in a fascinating walk around the Forest Rec. Lead by artist Rebecca Beinart (see also here) the walk pointed out what kinds of useful plants were growing in the park.

[Note : NSB is not a herbalist. I repeat, NSB is not a herbalist - so please do use the information in this post to go and pick your own herbs. Instead, use it as a starting point and do your own research to ensure you do not pick the wrong plant by (your or my) mistake.]

Rebecca's art installation at the event, with lots of items made from herbs etc

Rebecca inspecting the seed head of the Ribwort Plantain

A rather handsome Ribwort Plantain

More info on the Ribwort Plantain here. The related (and very common) Broadleaf Plantain is also well known as a medicinal herb and was called the "Whitemans foot" in North America for reasons explained here.


The whole of the Malva can be used in various ways (see here). Worth mentioning that the above example is not a particularly handsome one). Further info here.


Even BFTF knows that Sorrel can be used in cooking. Info here.


Yarrow is a herb known for its ability to stauch bloodflow from wounds, hence its other name of "Carpenters Weed", although that is not perhaps an entirely positive testimonial for the skills of old woodworkers. Info here.


Kids like it for its stickiness to clothing. Adults like it for its culinary and medicinal properties. Info here.

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