Sunday, 30 April 2017

Newark Air Museum

Visited Newark Air Museum with Mrs NSB and No3 Son to take advantage of BBC East Midlands "Big Day Out" event.

Well worth visiting, we all got to sit inside the (cramped) cockpit of an Avro Vulcan, and No3 Son also got to sit in a Canberra cockpit. Volunteers who explained about the planes really added a lot of value to the Museum and are not something NSB has seen similarly elsewhere.

A few pictures...

NSB's words on seeing this Bristol Hercules ; "Look at that engine, Phwoar!"

The Fairy Gannet - A reason for mandatory drug testing of aircraft designers?

Effortlessly beautiful Hawker Hunter 

Spats on this Mig-27 make it look like a Transformer!

Unexpectedly curvy Viggen fuselage

Yellow Sun nuclear bomb. Equivalent to 26 Hiroshimas.
Frightening times

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