Future Events and Past Reports

Future Event Listings
Notts Uni Science Public Lecture Series
Nottingham Trent University Distinguished Lecturer Series
East Midlands Materials Society
Cafe Scientifique

Reports from some previous talks/lectures:

Talk : Dr Duncan Cameron on soil biology and degradation.
Talk : Emily Kostas on Biofuel from Seaweed
Talk : Dr Mark Wilkinson on "Building Galaxies in the Office"
Talk : Dr Ian Fisk on "The Flavour of Food"

Talk : David Wilkinson on the Physics of Less Lethal Weapons
Talk : Steve Dunham,on How Viruses Cause Disease
Talk : Prof Barry Cooper on Alan Turing
Event : Mayfest 2013
Talk : Dr Philip Breedon on Smart Materials
Talk : Dr Susie Lydon on “The History of the World in 10 Fossils”
Event : Science in the Park 2013
Talk : Prof Richard Stobart on the history and future of Diesel engines
Talk : Prof. Alan Palmer on Cochlea Ear Implants

Talk : The Science of Christmas
Talk : Paul Butler Smith on Diamonds
Lecture : Prof Trevor Drage on Carbon Capture Technology
Lecture : Prof Jonas Emlsey : Crstallography and Blood Clots
Lecture : Dr Rob Stockman on Natures Chemical Warfare Agents
Lecture : Prof Clive Roberts on Nanotech in Healthcare
Event : Royal Society Summer Exhibition
Lecture : Dr Will Carroll on Allergies
Lecture : Rick Borchelt on Science Communication
Lecture : Prof Hutchings on Inkjet Printing
Lecture : Dung Beetles and Drugs
Lecture : Butterflies and Battleships
Lecture : Origin of the Earth's Crust
Lecture : How to get down from a Yak
Lecture : Prof Watkins on the LHC
Lecture : Professor Poliakoff on the Royal Society
Lecture : A short history of Radio Astronomy
Lecture : A Formula One Piston
Lecture : Background to the Space Shuttle

Lecture : Chris Lintott - Review of the Astronomy Year
Lecture : Galaxy Formation
Lecture : Granular Dynamics and Asteriod Formation
Lecture : Drug Delivery and Targeted Therapeutics
Lecture : Biofuels
Event : University of Nottingham Mayfest

Interview : Prof Farouk El-Baz - Geologist and Apollo Astronaut trainer.
Interview : Alfonso Aragon Salamanca - Prof of Astronomy at Notts Uni
Interview : Chris Lintott - Astronomer and Sky-at-Night co-presenter
Interview : Eben Upton - Trustee of the Raspberry Pi project
Interview : Dr Deborah Kays - Chemistry Lecturer