Monday, 26 November 2012

River levels along the Trent

NSB was told about a facinating Environmental Agency Website today that provides an absolute shed load of data about river levels in the UK.

NSB thought it might be interesting to use some of the information to generate a schematic giving a flavour for how the Trent and its triburaries were reacting to the recent heavy rainfall. In particular, NSB wondered whether the data would show how the surge from the heavy rain travelled along the Trent, and how much slower (if at all) the Trent would be in reacting that its tributaries.

NOTE : For information regarding current flood warnings, GO HERE

ANOTHER NOTE : The data is approximate and aims to just give an overall feel for what the rivers are doing.

Trent data above the river, tributary data below the river. Updated 11pm 23rd Dec. Click to Enlarge

Links to relevant Env Agency Pages (in order along river, starting from Stoke): Stoke, Milford (Sow), Kings Bromley, Tamworth (Tame), Drakelow , Marston on Dove (Dove), Willington , Church Wilne (Derwent), Kegworth (Soar), Nottingham , Newark .

Data from previous high river level events

Trent data above the river, tributary data below the river. Updated 28th Nov. Click to Enlarge

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  1. The brand new £45M flood defences, officially opened in September, have just had their first test. On Sunday the water was lapping up against the foot of the flood wall around Attenborough, and on Monday the big metal floodgates were closed.