Sunday, 3 November 2013

"Ideas Factory" sciency brainstsorming at NCVS

As part of the preparations for National Science & Engineering Week (14 – 23 March 2014), the British Science Association hosted an "Ideas Factory" at Nottingham CVS.

The event was attended by 40 people from a range of organisations ranging from Wildlife Trusts to Girl Guide leaders to University outreach teams- and aimed to give practical help and inspiration to anyone thinking of holding an event in March 2014

Attendees were given information on the, rather wonderful, support resources available at

After which there was a workshop session in which the attendees formed groups and outlined their experiences of what works in science outreach. This produced some great nuggets of information, including:

How the BSA Nottingham branch hosts an annual "Science in the Park" event at Wollaton Hall, featuring real life researchers, fascinating talks and interesting exhibits – they are looking for stewards for the day, if you are interested, walk on over to

Info on some really eye-opening sciency demonstrations from the "Science Busking" activity pack ,including how to fit a 50p coin through a hole the size of a 5p coin and how to balance a cork on the end of your nose. A discussion revolving around the free nature-related activity resources from Opal. These included activities such as bug-hunting, earthwork surveys and tree indentification

Feedback from the participants was positive, with comments including "I enjoyed finding out the range of people organising things across Nottingham, and finding out that other people need a bit of help too” and "Events like this re-invigorate and help spread ideas”

For more information about National Science & Engineering Week, our Nottinghamshire Branch, or their event Science in the Park, please contact Hannah Stretton, Regional Programmes Officer on

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Trying out some of the sciency experiment resources

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