Friday, 31 January 2014

Event : Festival of the Spoken Nerd 01-04-14

NSB did not hestitate to buy tickets for the forthcoming "Festival of the Spoken Nerd" event coming to Nottingham (and many other cities):

"The Spoken Nerds are travelling across the UK from January 2014 with their all-new show full of wit and wonder: Full Frontal Nerdity. With rave reviews from nerds and non-nerds alike, it’s a fantastic night of science comedy entertainment, and we’re hoping to spread the word far and wide. The Nerds electrocute an innocent gerkhin for science, smash a glass with just the power of the human voice (plus a heavy duty amplifier) and do things with spreadsheets that are illegal in 17 countries. And have I mentioned the flame tornadoes? Both of them?

Last seen on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo with Prof Brian Cox, Robin Ince and astronaut Chris Hadfield, stand-up mathematician Matt Parker (BBC2 Things You Need To Know) experiments maestro Steve Mould (BBC1 Britain’s Brightest street scientist) and geeky songstress Helen Arney (BBC Radio4 Infinite Monkey Cage) mix astonishing science with statistically significant comedy – and maybe a few things that go BANG!

There are a few tour dates in your local area – including one at the Assembly Rooms in Derby on 1st March, and one at the Nottingham Playhouse on 1st April.

Please note that the show is only suitable for ages 15+ as it contains some strong language and spreadsheets."

See you there !

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